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productos artesanales colombianos

About us

Colombian artisan products in Barcelona

We are a Colombian-Catalan couple of importers and marketer of Colombian handicrafts in Spain, especially.

The reason for our name, LA FLOR DE CALI, is in the origins of one of our founders. The flower and the logo in honor of the orchid (Catleya trianae), the national flower of Colombia, and Cali for the city of said founder.

We import unique models, preserving the designation of origin that makes them exclusive items. We contact directly with the artisans producers of all ethnic groups, thus respecting their culture, having a better knowledge of them and without intermediaries.

In the three years that we have had experience, we have worked with the Wayuu, Arhuaca and Embera Katio culture, and our future expectation is to promote the artisan work of other regions of Colombia.

Being an importing company of Colombian handicrafts, we recognize the great work that each piece has, each one full of love, detail, dedication, perseverance and years of experience, where the skill of the craftsman and the properties of the materials used play the most important role. . This becomes, little by little, an almost magical ritual inherited from generation to generation from our indigenous ancestors.

Wool, thread, fique, stones, metals, wood, play with each other, resulting in products as unique and valuable as the process itself. This magical ritual begins with the material and passes through the hands of the artisans, and then ends and becomes an object that will accompany its owner every day to beautify it, in the form of an object full of magic, love and a unique value: the handmade value


We are a Colombian-Catalan couple of importers and marketer of Colombian handicrafts in Spain, especially.

The crafts that we sell are characterized by indigenous cultures still established in Colombia and that their tradition makes their products representative icons of our country.

The crafts we offer are all made by hand, they are pieces with a unique design, made with techniques that are taught as a heritage from generation to generation, which makes the work even more valuable, giving importance to Colombian culture and presenting it to the world. .


The company is projected to 2020 to position itself as the main importer of Colombian handicrafts in Spain, importers and marketers of handicrafts in the European Union, and arrive with a varied market of handicrafts from costume jewelery, to decorative elements for the home, all made with the Colombian quality and the cultural commitment to which we bet to spread.

We hope to be known for being great promoters of Colombian culture and more of its artisan tradition.

productos artesanales colombianos

Why our prices?

The available offer of articles produced by hand, whether they are bags, backpacks, wallets, hammocks and other types of crafts, especially those made by artisans of ethnic groups such as the Wayuu, Arhuaca, Embera and the like, is very wide, whether in physical stores as above all on the Internet.

Why in La Flor De Cali we have prices two or three times cheaper than in other online stores?

We explain it to you:

Because from Colombia we travel to the towns where the artisans work, we observe them, we talk with them and we select, in situ, the best articles.

Because we import directly from the artisan producer to you.
Because there are no intermediaries
Because we are advocates of a fair price, without speculation or abuse.
Because we do not gain anything from the transportation and shipping of your order.